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Welcome to Avantel

Pioneers in exclusive communication, audio and video systems specially designed for commercial and industrial use. Thanks to our advanced products and our business vision now you can count on high-tech equipment and a specialized service team, backed up by prestigious brands, which consider us trustworthy to be their commercial allies.

Communication SolutionsCommunication SolutionsWide range of solutions for first-line communication systems and hearing protection accessories.
Management SystemsManagement SystemsFast and effective management of queues or waiting lines in areas of interest.
Video and SecurityVideo and SecuritySpecialized security systems that includes access to IP video surveillance systems by computer or cell phone.
Renewable EnergyService and Tech SupportOur service platform offers multiple options for access to our personalized attention center.

3M, Rederia and New Vision executives visit Avantel

In february and march we invited executives, regional managers and our associate's technicians who honored us with their visit from Puerto Rico, Portugal and Spain. We addressed important issues related to business agreements, strategies and training where we had pleasant moments...